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Tierärztin Laura mit Patientin

How did you get into dermatology?

Dermatology has been the most fun for me since I was a student. People come with totally visible problems and I help them rebuild their self-confidence — it's great.

With so many new technologies coming onto the market, how is this affecting dermatology today?

I already use apps that help me prevent major errors. The computer can already help people, especially in the automated analysis of images.

Many derma practices actually still wear scrubs, how is that with you guys?

We no longer wear coats in the office, but we do wear scrubs. For the last few months, we’ve actually been wearing FHWC. Still, I miss having a smock sometimes—any chance FHWC might create one soon?

How do you manage to reconcile work and family? You have 3 children and your own practice, it must be a lot of responsibility.

It’s indeed always a challenge, but a fun one. The first two years were very chaotic, but at some point you get used to it. Thanks to my practice colleague Jenny, everything now runs much better than before.

Do you want to open your own practice or hire someone else?

Oh, that's a difficult question. The latter always makes more sense in the short and medium term. But if you want to have fun building up your own clientele and earning a certain reputation among local clients, you should definitely open your own practice.

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